Experto Local, Pedro José Rojas Chirinos: ¿Qué registra la APC para un auto en Panamá?
Experto Local, Pedro José Rojas Chirinos: ¿Qué registra la APC para un auto en Panamá?
November 6, 2018
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November 16, 2018

Pedro José Rojas Chirinos: Making it easy for Panama community to acquire loans

Pedro José Rojas Chirinos: Making it easy for Panama community to acquire loans

Panama, it’s been said, is a great place for an energetic entrepreneur to start a business as well as for those looking for gorgeous sites and culturally interesting surroundings, a great place to retire.


The dollarized economy in Panama is an attraction, removing much of the guesswork for retirees while for businessmen/women, ensuring goods and services will have stable values.


There are many market opportunities in business and many beautiful properties for retirees in Panama.


Difficulties in Gaining Access to Capital and Mortgages in Panama


Getting everything accomplished, as far as financing, purchases, and processing paperwork is usually slow going, however.

Tell us how you’d like to invest and we’ll get back to you with if we have some financing options for you.


Securing a good mortgage offer and doing all of the legal legwork can take longer than expected. Banks take their time reviewing applications and require a series of paperwork in particular order and with strict windows. You’ll necessarily have to work with an attorney since, by law, a lawyer must sign off on most of your paperwork. Even when your attorney is active, however, missing one little document or completing a notarization one day late can set your process behind and you may have to start almost from scratch.

Business loans:

Likewise, when a business wants to seize a prime opportunity they’ve been offered, they may run into the frustration of not being able to acquire the capital in time to inject into the business before that opportunity evaporates.

The crux here is that Panamanian banks are quite overwhelmed and have strict guidelines and a myriad of checks and balances to prevent bank fraud.


How Financiera Finangente Helps the Panamanian Community


This is where my brother, Pedro Andrés Rojas Chirinos and myself, Pedro José Rojas Chirinos, entered the market 10 years ago: to fill the gap for Panamanians, residents, and foreigners to get faster access to cash and credit cards.


Financiera Finangente is the only non-banking institution authorized by MasterCard to issue their credit cards. (Apply here for a MasterCard in Panama).


Our association with MasterCard isn’t our only source of pride. The Panamanian government, as well as international non-governmental organizations, have entrusted us with funds to help finance small and medium businesses in the local economy. FINDEC, the governmental trust entity responsible for the development of “competition and productivity” started awarding our company, Financiera Finangente in 2011 and has since awarded a sum of $400,000. We are currently in the process of receiving new funding for future projects (stay tuned!).

How to Make It Easy for Panamanians To Acquire Loans

Affordable Middle-Class Housing – Not “the Projects”


The Rojas-Chirinos extended family in Venezuela owned construction companies and from that, my brother, Pedro Andrés Rojas Chirinos and myself, Pedro José Rojas Chirinos, have maintained ourselves connected to this field. Today, we have partnerships with developments in Panamá Oeste, an area that is under heavy development with a range of luxurious homes with clubhouses and pools, to very affordable housing suitable for Panamanian wages.


Financiera Finangente believes strongly that everyone should be able to accomplish their dreams so we offer low-interest loans for those who to furnish their newly-purchased homes the way they envision living. Read up on the comparison of the pricing of the affordable homes of the Buena Vista development with others in Panamá Oeste and on our open house with the Senafront border patrol.


These are not government-funded “projects,” simply private endeavors that offer an option to the growing housing demands of the middle class in Panama that they can actually afford.


Whether you’re looking for a business loan, credit card, or funding to furnish your home, or a car loan for your personal or business use, consider Financiera Finangente an option.

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Pedro José Rojas Chirinos is the vice president of Financiera Finangente and has been a resident for 20 years. Parts of his family was involved in construction in his native Venezuela, and banking and loans are, naturally, essential to this industry. His brother, Pedro Andrés Rojas Chirinos began visiting Panama in 1996 and noticing the growing construction opportunities and a market gap to access to credit, opened Financiera Finangente in 2010. The Chirinos brothers have been permanently operating Financiera Finangente in Panama, receiving funds from Findec and other governmental and NGO institutions to process loans for locals and foreigners who face difficulties with the traditional banking lenders. Having been appointed to state-wide governmental positions in his home state of Miranda, and on a national level representing Venezuela in major U.S. conferences and task forces in the mid-2000s, Pedro José Rojas Chirinos today has a solid expertise in financing and administration.

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